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Curriculum vitae

I was born at Edinburgh in Scotland on 24 November 1952. After secondary education in Stirling, I studied Classics and Theology at the University of Cambridge (Bachelor of Arts 1973; Diploma in Theology 1974; Doctor of Philosophy 1978). I then worked as Assistant in the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna from March 1979 to September 1980. After a year spent studying in Oslo, I entered a monastery in Italy in October 1981. I was ordained priest in Rome in May 1985, and have worked as a priest in Italy (from May 1985 to September 1987), in Norway (from September 1987 to October 1995) and in Munich (from November 1995).

In addition to English, I speak the following languages fluently: German, Norwegian, Italian and French. I have translated a large number of books from German and from Norwegian into English, well as academic articles in the fields of religion, philosophy, history and sociology. I have also translated two volumes of poetry from Norwegian to English.

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